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Membership Rates

ATLIS is a rapidly growing professional network for technology leaders in independent schools, providing professional development, networking, and curated resources for members.  ATLIS is a school-based membership. Membership is based on enrollment numbers, and is calculated at $3.95 per student. 

Once you are an ATLIS member, you can add an unlimited number of colleagues from your school to access ATLIS benefits. We commonly see all of the Technology Department Staff, CFOs/Business Officers (interested in risk management and cybersecurity issues), Academic Deans, Instructional Coaches, Heads of School, Librarians, Techy Teachers, etc.

If your school has over 1,000 students, you qualify for our dues cap of $3,750.   

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 New To My Job/School

If you are new to your position, we can help you achieve wins right away. Deepen existing relationships and make new contacts on a regular basis with school leaders from across the country. As you attend events or participate in the private ATLIS Slack online discussions, you’ll forge lasting ties with fellow members who have the same professional interests and concerns as you.

Use ATLIS Microcourses to build the skills that help you improve your job performance, move forward in your career, and make you even more valuable to your school. The ATLIS Document Library can help you to implement best practices and create a 3-year plan for your department. Save money with the EdTech Resource Center.  Membership also offers discounts to our most popular programs, like the ATLIS Leadership Institute and our annual conference.

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Sample resource: Sample Information Technology Services Service Level Agreement (SLA)

 "From my perspective, ATLIS provides me tons of info that I wouldn't necessarily have access to. It links me to people in the same positions from different places. It's invaluable! I've been looking for an ATLIS for many decades. It's fabulous!" -Wayne Peterson, Director of Technology at Blue Ridge School
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Help Me Lead

Become a strategic leader. Stop putting out fires and use ATLIS resources to help you map out the future. Start with the Data and Analytics Center, where you can see what other schools of your same size are using in their technology department (and even how their departments are structured and staffed!).

Looking for a go-to resource? The ATLIS document library contains policies, best-practice templates, white papers, and even job descriptions. Save time and ensure that you are using relevant materials keeping your school up to speed.

Implement the Technology Impact and Efficacy (TIE) Assessment to get a 10-page custom report for your school using predictive analytics. It will benchmark you against other independent schools in three areas: IT Operations, EdTech, and Data Privacy/Cybersecurity. Make informed decisions backed by data, and manage your department's resources with confidence.

Need to save money? ATLIS has you covered there, too. Install the EdTech License Usage Evaluator to determine which resources are being utilized by your staff and students and how often. It was created with privacy in mind; it's safe to use with students, collecting only non-identifiable data and pinging only when an edtech site is accessed. Reports can show you which resources are critical to learning environments in your school, and which are just draining your department's resources. Data for the win!

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"We try not to be siloed. So many of the [ATLIS] resources -- like the online meetups, people who we meet through the listserv, and the ATLIS Slack channel -- give us opportunities and ideas to impact the school at large. Always study with people smarter than you. 

ATLIS provides us a seed, and we plant it somewhere else in the school. We can impact people outside the tech office. I participated in the esports Live Chat recently. I wouldn't be able to be as effective and knowledgeable by myself on that topic. ATLIS is a place to lean on others. We can start and support programs more easily because of the ATLIS community."

-Dan McGee, Laurel School
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 Help Me Influence

As an experienced leader, you have the day-to-day under control. Setting a technology vision for the school can be a daunting task, but ATLIS has your back. Start with the Technology Impact and Efficacy Assessment to identify opportunities for growth for your school. Chat with peers across the country in real-time on through the private ATLIS Slack channel. The cybersecurity collection can keep you stay on the cutting edge.

Use the ATLIS360 Self-Study Guide as an opportunity for reflection and growth for your department. Implement an internal self-study of the role of technology in school programs and operations with the help of this vetted resource. It can be used to analyze school-wide initiatives, to conduct departmental strategic planning, to help manage transitions, or to assist in an accreditation review. Use the ATLIS360 to take your department to the next level. 

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Sample resource: ATLIS360: A Technology Self-Study Guide For Schools (Preview)


"To us first and foremost [ATLIS] means like-minded colleagues. The most valuable thing [about an ATLIS membership] is the resources. The audience/member schools that are involved are very similar in school operations and tech on a day to day basis. One of the things we like about the conference itself is one session focuses on IT, another on edtech, best practices, and curriculum- everything a tech director needs."  
-Adrienne Bononi, St. Matthew's Parish School

 Help Me Avoid A Crisis

 Don't let your school crisis become the latest headline in the newspapers. Protect your school against threats. Start with the mock phishing exercises to identify vulnerabilities in your school. The Cybersecurity Collection includes the Cyber Threat Assessment and ATLIS Cybersecurity Recommendations for Independent Schools. 

What would you do if your school was hit with a cyber attack right now? Are you prepared? The ATLIS document library includes a cybersecurity section with articles, cyber insurance information, policies (data breach response, virus malware cleanup, server security, etc). 

Gain confidence. You've got the entire ATLIS community at your disposal. Join conversations on the #security channel on the ATLIS Slack to hear best practices, current news, and recommendations from the community. That new patch that was just released today? You'd already be on top of it.

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