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Important Information

  • Speakers who are selected to present at the conference will receive a $100 discount on their conference registration.
  • ATLIS conference attendees prefer interactive sessions, so you will want to up your game and think to actively engage your audience.
  • Session presenters should expect to be notified in December.
  • Jam Sessions will be scheduled as time and space permit. Look for more information about submitting your Jam Session idea early in 2020.
  • Sponsors and vendors are welcome to submit session proposals to meet the needs of the industry's crowdsourced topics. If you're interested in presenting content specific to your company, please contact Ashley Cross, [email protected] 

Program Overview

Sunday, April 5
ATLIS Leadership Institutes 2020

Where do you want to up your leadership game? Are you Aspiring, Managing, or Visioning? Our pre-conference programming will address each of these areas in focused workshops to meet you where you are. 

ATLIS Leadership Institutes are action-oriented, project-based, and collaboratively inspired. Registration or application required.

Level 1: Aspiring

Early Career and Aspiring Technology Directors
Cohort for 2019-2020
This institute for early career technology professionals culminates a year of in-person and online programs, mentoring, and professional growth for current cohort fellows.
10 am - 4:30 pm (registration not required; current fellows only)

Early Career and Aspiring Technology Directors
Cohort for 2020-2021
Apply now for this year-long intensive learning experience; once accepted cohort members are encouraged to join us for this three-hour introduction and sampling of their year-long programming (by invitation to accepted cohort fellows only; not required).

Leadership Institute: Managing
This middle-level institute draws on leadership literacies addressed in ATLIS publications and programming with a focus on interpersonal relationships and social intelligence; self-care and personal growth; managing a team (including delegation, evaluation, and conflict resolution); communication and advocacy; and strategic planning, project management, and budget stewardship.
1-4 pm
$95 pre-conference session fee; separate registration required)

Leadership Institute: Visioning
The 20,000-foot level of technology leadership in schools requires dedication to imagining and envisioning the future of schools in every respect that they intersect with the digital world. The goal of this Institute is to bring together thought leaders to produce guidelines and recommendations for the larger ATLIS community on the real problems and opportunities in independent schools. Participants will collaborate to produce a document of best practices and resources by the end of the session.
1-4 pm
$95 pre-conference fee; separate registration required)

Welcome Reception
Our popular Dine-Arounds (RSVP separately)

Monday, April 6
Spotlight Speakers on "Designing the Future" with Follow-Up Breakout Sessions by featured speakers, Awards Luncheon, Crowdsourced Sessions/Deep Dives 
Sponsor Reception

Tuesday, April 7
More Crowdsourced Sessions/Deep Dives, Networking Lunch, "Design the Future Challenge"

Wednesday, April 8
Choose-Your-Own-Adventure School Tours and Site Visits


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