As an ATLIS member school, you are invited to participate in the Technology Impact and Efficacy (TIE) Assessment.  This service is being offered to your school at no cost, as a membership benefit included in your ATLIS membership. To learn more about the methodology and design of the assessment, Sarah Hanawald, Executive Director of ATLIS and Alex Inman, President of Educational Collaborators, held an online meeting to discuss the assessment and answer any questions members may have.  The video is embedded at the bottom of this page. We've also provided a sample report.

The purpose of the TIE Assessment is to help schools understand the impact technology has on academics, operations, and data security as well as provide member schools with a dashboard report indicating their strength in these areas relative to the ATLIS member school norms. No school will able to access school-level data about any other school, only aggregate data.  Individual school dashboard reports will include suggested areas to target for growth.  These areas are selected from those that should have the greatest effect on improving the impact technology has on your school program.

In order to offer this level of report and recommendations, we need to collect quality data from our members.  We need information from most students in a school and all faculty and staff.  This data is efficiently gathered via four data collection tools.

Collection Tools

Admin Survey - This is the survey you will get by clicking this link. This survey gathers many of the context variables we will evaluate. Most questions can be answered by the technology staff but a few may require academic or business administrators.  To assist in your data collection, you may want to review the PDF version of this survey prior to filling it out online.  Only online submissions can be accepted.

Adult Survey - Please share this link with all computer using faculty and staff in the school. We have utilized skip logic so only teachers respond to technology integration questions. Most participants have completed this survey in 10-15 minutes. You may view a PDF copy of this survey here.  Only online submissions can be accepted.

Student Survey - Please share this link with students in grades 8-12. Participating students should be 13 or older. Most participants have completed this survey in under 10 minutes. You may view a PDF copy of this survey here.  Only online submissions can be accepted.

Young Student Survey - This survey is for students under 13.  Please use this survey unless all students in the class are over 13 years old.  We are asking teachers to facilitate this survey for their students.  Though the language of this survey is designed for students in grades 5-7, it could still be used with younger students.  Please share this link with participating teachers of young students. Most participants have completed this survey in 10-15 minutes.  You may view a PDF copy of this survey here. Only online submissions can be accepted.

Please complete all surveys by Friday, April 7. Prior to that date, we will send reminders to all schools as we progress.  

Schools completing the surveys by April 7th will have a report ready by the ATLIS conference.  This service will be discussed at the members-only breakfast that Educational Collaborators is proud to be sponsoring on Tuesday, April 25th at the ATLIS conference.  

We encourage member schools to prioritize completion of these surveys by April 7th so we have a large percentage of members schools to include in our benchmark analysis.  If this date presents a particular challenge to your school, please contact Sarah Hanawald ( to discuss your timeline.

We are excited to partner together on this resource that will surely prove valuable to our members.